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Create emotional links with your users by educating them with love



Create emotional links with your users by educating them with love

How do relationships in cyberspace work? How can camgirls focus their time on creating deep connections with their users in their chat room? And how can they create a reputation and work for the fans, get closer to them and get followers when you are new on token pages?

The model @LiviaChoicex, who has been a professional webcamgirl for years, and is also a PhD in Communication and Semiotics, told  us about  the results she has obtained in her “cyberculture” studies and explained how  “online” relationships have achieved the same feelings and emotions as face to face interactions.

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Taking this dynamic and exploring the human element and leaving but not abandoning the sensual component, can make the chat room shows a productive and efficient time for camgirls, room members and the industry alike.

LiviaChoicex claims she tested her theory when she started on a new camgirls website. Throughout her career this camgirl had belonged to a single site, so she used to had a “comfort zone” where she knew the members and guests, she also enjoyed recognition as “Best Top Model” and “Social Networks Star “, among others. Things changed when she started on a new site, she had to remember that when a model has no fame she needs to school her members, teach them to respect her, as well as face the world without the usual fan who could “rescue” her from some disrespectful user.

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In order to have longer private talks, with friendly, respectful and more conversational members, the model ventured to change her attitude to them. She changed her profile and added a description that was more “connected” about what she hoped to receive in her chat room. “I explained to the members that I am not a doll, but a human being like them. That I was interested in having fun together, and not simply following a script. So, in the most kind and gentle way possible , I also reminded them in that if they treated me well, I would be more committed to doing things for them. “

The model comments, that she lost the fear of losing money adopting this position. Statistically, disrespectful users don’t last long in the room, so she looked for more quality interactions with her users.

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Camgirl research argues that users generally have fragile social ties, so some of them are shy or have difficultly engaging in affective relationships (even virtual ones), but this doesn’t mean that people are emotionally closed. Webcamgirls can close a part of that emotional gap by offering social interaction. However, they must be patience to deal with the initial hostility.

With this we refer to the “objectification” of the model. Chat room members may see the camgirl as something that gets orders like “do this or do that”, which can be frustrating for them. It is good to remember that there is an ability to educate members about how they should behave. Camgirls can create an emotional bond with users,  this requires patience, education and love, just like LiviaChoice showed in the new platform she worked. The result after just a few weeks was incredible, she says.

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