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Psychology: Know the type of user that visits your chat room



Psychology: Know the type of user that visits your chat room

The webcam page’s users has different preferences, colors, nationalities and of course, personalities.

There are fans in a room who want to express themselves, some for sexual reasons, and others just for company, so the chat rooms are full of variety. Of course, there will always be a “talker” or a “player” who sees the model he admire as an object.

Beyond that, we can categorize users into these types:

Stalkers: members who never speak and just watch silently. Sometimes they give tokens. Some models are concerned about this type of quiet users that rarely participate, while other camgirls says that in the long run these kinds can become good tippers.

Chatters: members who frequently contribute talking in chats but do not necessarily spend a lot of money in the room.

Some of these types may believe they be entitled to free content and entertainment because their participation in the chat, and help to keep the atmosphere entertained, Generally, these users are fun, however they can make the interaction “stuck” with the rest of the users.

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The collaborators: are users that occasionally chat or go to private chats; you may also have pleasant conversations with them.

Regulars: These are users who regular enter the chat room, sometimes every day, contributing tokens or chatting.

Tippers: They are the dream of every model, often spend huge amounts on tokens and spend good time in private. They are often attentive, chatty and nice with models.

Claimers: These are users who usually make requests in the chat, and gets angry if you don’t pay attention or respond them quickly. Frequently they manage to annoy other users, because their participation is demanding and authoritarian. This type of users should be treated with caution to avoid that they can change the pleasurable chat atmosphere.

Best friends: They are regular members who get along with the rest of the room and with the model. These spectators can have pleasant talks and leave profits to the models.

Lovers: Members who speak sweetly, pleasantly, and who usually leave tokens to the model hoping to gain her affection.

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Problematic members: every model has experienced interaction with a member of this type in her chat room. Some may even cause unnecessary dramas or start a discussion because their requests were not fulfilled. To keep them away from harmful behavior you should be cautious, and methodical. Tell them (like they were a small child) that you can improve the situation and he should be respectful. If the situation becomes uncontrollable, the model must contemplate if it is necessary to ban him.

Haters: Those who are interested in criticising the model. They may explode with insults and bad comments to interrupt the chat. The infallible trick to deal with them, is make intelligent and fun comments. When the situation becomes insulting, you should ban the user or block him.

Armored Knights: These are who play as mediators in the fights, or defend the model from hateful and harmful comments from problematic members. In the worst scenario they may do more damage if the discussion gets ugly. They usually are sweet and righteous persons.

Other models: According to the video/chat page settings, other models could join the chat room signing-in accounts as members. To do this you must fill some criteria such as respect, not draw attention, and do not try to migrate users.

The common factor among all models to deal with the most difficult users will always be patience, care and affection, to change tense situations and work in a comfortable environment for users and camgirl.

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