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Types of female orgasms


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Types of female orgasms

Orgasms are a source of pleasure that takes possession of the body when it comes to ecstasy. A sensation that dilutes the senses, and awakens all sorts of curiosities to traverse the paths that gives its origin.

Some say that there are only two types of orgasms in women, while others come to differentiate 10 types, but here we’ll tell you about 4 types of orgasms and how to reach them, just get the lubricant, your favorite sex toy or your partner.

According to a study published in the journal NeuroQuantology, women can have 4 types of orgasms: clitoral, vaginal orgasm, combined orgasm and multiple orgasms, according to this, then the clitoris, first on the list is the direct path to get the woman to ecstasy.

This is because there are thousands of nerve endings in this small but powerful point in your V zone, which almost always result in an orgasm. The best way to understand how enjoyable this type of orgasm is masturbating and testing every way to stimulate it.

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You can try: with a little lub you can play with the lips and the vulva before reaching the clitoris, there you can make the “8” shape with your fingers, gradually traversing the extension of it.

You can also play with a vibrator, bullet or finger, its vibration will provoke you great sensations that will get you to climax. If you want to stimulate your clitoris with your couple you can guide your partner in their movements.

Vaginal orgasm: This orgasm is reached with stimulation on the famous G-spot, a rough area but with large numbers of nerve endings that is located on the vaginal wall.

This type of orgasm can be achieved by penetration or stimulation with your hands, and for this you should know that it is located on the anterior vaginal wall about 2 inches from your vagina entrance.

You can try: lying on your back, with some pillows under your pelvic area, you place your fingers gently touching the anterior wall of the vagina, making a signal as if you were calling someone. At first, you may feel  like urinating, but this sensation will start to change to pleasure.

For greater excitement a vibrator to stimulate the G-spot can make you ready to receive waves of pleasure. Your couple can try to stimulate this point with positions like the “doggy” and “missionary” or with you on top to guide the movement to the one that suits your stimulus.


Mixed or combined orgasm: Occurs when the previous orgasms, clitoral and vaginal are mixed to flood all your senses with a great and powerful orgasm that is twice as strong and intense as a regular one.

You can try: with the help of a multi-stimulation vibrator attend the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time to reach climax, or in couple, get up and take control of the stimulation by leaning forward or perhaps turning your back on your couple and bringing your torso slightly forward so that the penis rubs against the wall of the vagina and the clitoris friction with the base of the penis.

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Multiple orgasms: These are just a succession of orgasms, this means that when one ends, another one comes immediately. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult to reach for some women, however it is possible to achieve.

You can try: once you reach the first climax to stimulate another point, or massaging more smoothly the area with you have already played. What is important is not to turn the desire off, or the rhythm and to achieve it, you must continue to stimulate the erogenous zones.

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