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5 steps to reaching explosive orgasms on webcam



5 steps to reaching explosive orgasms on webcam

Take your shows to another level, while your fans watch you, you could feel several orgasms in the most exciting way. If you are a camgirl who just started this career and want to know how to reach climax while broadcasting, here are some tips.

1 – Practice foreplay

You have to flirt with your limbs, touch yourself, feel every part of your body. Slide your fingers down your breasts, neck, abdomen and go down. Do not go directly to your intimate area.

2 – “Partial penetration technique”.

It means when you’re very hot and you want to introduce the dildo. Do not engage in “complete or full penetration” you should do it in 3 to 5 minutes intervals. Slowly and partially, until you feel you are extremely wet. Keep the dildo in and out, but just the tip.

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3- “Touch yourself”.

As you insert only the dildo tip, gently rub your clitoris, close your eyes and feel every part you touch evenly. It is now when you do the “complete or full penetration” … faster … and faster.

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4 – Take things to the next level.

Gently use “anal stimulation” to increase the intensity of your orgasm. You can play with it  while the dildo is completely inside.

5- Use other toys

Some camgirls complement the show using accessories such as “Butt tails” (anal dildos with fox or cat tail), they also combine a clitoral stimulation with a toy like the Hitachi that will surly give you the moment of climax that you want for your users.

It‘s a matter of practice, but you must always have patience, go slowly and enjoy every part of you. Then you will know where and how to touch you to have that pleasure you’re looking for.

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