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6 exercises to reach the perfect orgasm on your webcam show



6 exercises to reach the perfect orgasm on your webcam show

Many women fail to have an orgasm easily, and they find it more difficult in the chat room show. It is true, many women fake that they are feeling it, pretending to experience a burst inside their bodies that can even generate a powerful force in their organs, but many, sadly, do not quickly reach this point. There are women who have not even felt it ever; “Anorgasmia is the difficulty or inhibition to achieve orgasm, it is the second reason for female consultation in sexology”.

It is paradoxical, while many users seek to delay their orgasm, women only want to get it. To achieve this, it is necessary to understand, first, that there are two types of orgasms: The first one is produced by stimulation of the clitoris  and the second, from the vagina. Every one of these activates a different brain zone. The first one feels more localized in the genital area, and the one that is achieved by penetration is more general and produces sensations throughout the whole body. That’s why it is usually more pleasant.

According to some sexologists it is recommended to practice the following exercises to achieve orgasm.

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  1. Concentrate: The mind must be relaxed and focus on the stimulus that gives you pleasure. If they are the caresses, the words or the games you must pay special attention to, share it with the user in your show or simply imagine it; You can also watch a porn movie to help your stimulation. Negative thoughts or day-to-day problems should be kept away from your chat room.
  2. Imagine: The mind is one of the protagonists in achieving orgasm . Thinking about a particular scene that is exciting for you can work very well. This can remove negative images and scenes that are not relevant while your broadcasting.
  3. Dominate the situation: There are certain points inside the vagina that when they’re activated by the dildo enlighten the path to orgasm. When you discover them and feel that heat in your body continue to stimulate it, move according to this indication and do not be afraid to take control.
  4. Look for specific stimulation: As a model, you must know which zones on your body excite you. The clitoris is the organ that usually always responds to stimulation. It’s worth activating it at first, alone, and then you can continue with the dildo to increase the pleasure. If you are with a user in a private you can say “like this”, they do not know everything.

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  1. Persist: It is necessary to keep the caress or the movement that excites you for a while. If you feel that the stimulus is effective then don’t stop in the middle. Many models give up because of laziness, because they want to finish quickly, because they think they will not achieve it or because they are thinking about how much money (or tokens) the user is spending. A little effort will make both of you happy .
  2. Express yourself: Many models that are taken away by feelings and express what they feel with words, gestures, moans or screams, can achieve orgasm more easily. It is something that you should not restrain, many users in your room love to know that youre really excited.

Learning to completely enjoy webcam sex doesn’t make you a slut, exploring yourself and knowing every detail of your body will make you feel safer in your show, making it easier to reach orgasm and making your users happy.

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