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I am a webcam model, but I am also a mother


I am a webcam model, but I am also a mother

In our blog we’ve told real life stories of models, mothers, and families who have had to deal with people who pretend to harm them. These are stories full of strength and courage worthy of admiration and example.

This time we’ll write about a webcam model life experience; being a mother encouraged her to fight battles to improve her well-being, and provide quality of life for her family. Our brave model is Natalia.

Natalia is a young woman who lived for years in poverty; she didn’t have the typical life of a teenager and, due to misfortunes of life, had to enter the difficult world of prostitution at a very early age.


“I spent some time in prostitution because my life suffered economic shortcomings … I lived terrible things,” says Natalia about this stage of her life. She commented about how she found the webcam modeling business and how it changed her life, because she never had to be touched.

“I met this videochat world at 18 with Flirt4Free. I started working in a studio at Cali. I liked working in webcam modeling because nobody ever touched me “, but the model’s life again took a turn a year later, when she was surprised by the news of being pregnant.

Beacuse of her pregnancy, the young Natalia had to leave her work online to dedicate herself to motherhood. “Two years later I returned to the webcam world, because  of my economic situation, I had to leave my very young son to be cared by other people … I found a small studio and I returned to the videochat,” says Natalia.

Thanks to the effort and dedication the model bought a computer and a camera as soon as she could. She started working from home and she earned enough income to have her son back, as well as provide him with the attentions and the quality of life he deserved.

“At that time one of my cousins ​​caught me working on one of the pages. He called and told all my family”, Natalia says that even when she didn’t have the acceptance and many tried to bully her and subjected her to social harassment, her happiness overcame that. “The happiness of having my son by my side and having a better living standard gave me the courage to face them.”

She says that everything ended in a very funny way because she found a peculiar way to deal with the bullying through witty phrases like “did you like me?, Do I look good on camera ?, Why were you watching me on a porn page? “, And things that made more ease any tension. “At the end, everything turned out to be a joke,” says the camgirl.

Time passed and Natalia’s son grew up, he uses the internet and social media as much as any 11-year-old. This meant making an important decision. Talk to her child about her job.

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“My son grew up and I could no longer change the subject since he asked a lot about my work. About a month ago I began to tell him what it was about, he took it very naturally”, the model says.

She also says that probably her son may not be proud, but thanks to this she doesn’t feel pressured. The model and mother explains that she knows how difficult it can be for some to deal with social bullying, she says: “It hurts me a lot that other models are affected by these things, to me this work changed my life. Before it I lived difficult things, I had to go through many economic deficiencies. However, today I have my house and independent work. In addition, this allows me to take care of my family 24/7, something other works would not allow me. “

Models and mothers like Natalia must be aware that their children will grow up soon, and they  probably will be even more skillful about technology than our generation may become. This means that webcam mothers must have valid arguments to educate these young people. They must make the decision about the right time to tell them about the work they are engaged in, and be prepared to answer their questions.

This provides an important advantage. Protect them from social bullying that they may suffer. It also allows provide tools for their defense, to be sure about themselves. This can only work if the models firstly advocate for self-love and fraternal love, which gives them the ability to overcome the barriers imposed by our society.


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