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Apply the10-10-10 rule and make good decisions in your career as a model



Apply the10-10-10 rule and make good decisions in your career as a model

How many times have you regretted about a decision you made or even worse, you decided do nothing at all? Not doing something is also making a decision.

Day by day we are bombarded by a tremendous amount of information, we dance among options, our brain strives to decide what will be best for us, this may cause high levels of stress, anxiety or even depression when the decision we’ve made is not the right one.

When we were kids, our parents made the decisions for us, nobody prepared us to know what, and even better, how to choose. This can be a really overwhelming process.

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To make this cognitive process easier and trying not to make our decisions like we were defoliating daisies, Susy Welch a Harvad Business Review editor proposes the 10-10-10 formula which can really help in an effective way to face day-to-day decision-making means.

How does it work? What is it?

It works in a simple but effective way, calculating the consequences of our short and medium-term decisions. Factors such as ego, anxiety, fear and shyness usually influence in making a decision. With this rule, we suppress those whispering voices in our heads, eliminate the immediacy and finally we get the option that best suits our future.

First, you must think about one of the most limited resources you have in your life: The Time Factor. We know that everything is diluted or accentuated over time, so the author proposes filtering all kinds of options through rule 10-10-10: 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years. You can even lower it even 10 seconds, 10 days, 10 weeks. You should always ask yourself the consequences of the decision you make in the next 10 minutes, 10 months or 10 years.

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For example, fear of public speaking, do you think that fear will really matter in 10 months? Our mind usually exaggerates problems, we have to hack it to new perspectives, ask ourselves if this shyness will really matter in 10 months, or in 10 years. Use the same rule when face decisions such as continue a relationship, a business, making this a good habit will always use the triple dimension to your favor.

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