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A model that earns more than half a million dollars in 3 months


A model that earns more than half a million dollars in 3 months

Who said winning half a million dollars was impossible for a model? It was on MyFreeCams, one of the most famous camgirl sites, that one star has managed to earn about $ 600,000. It is @CrazyM_ who has built her reign on this website.

This sculptural 28 years old Romanian, 5.57 ft. tall and seductive dark hair, is one of the most loved women on the web and has been crowned 3 consecutive times as Miss MFC, which means thousand dollars profit.

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The models with the Miss MFC title obtain an approximate gain of 4 million tokens which is equivalent to 200 thousand dollars (in a month) and if as @CrazyM_ you achieve the incredible goal reaching the number One  position for three months in a row, the profits would be about 600,000 dollars.

And if this is not enough, this camgirl has ranked in the top 10 five times in her career as a camgirl, this happened on September 2010, February 2013 and this year she became the number one on February, March and April.

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But it’s not all chance, her great success is due to her 8 years experience as a camgirl that began in MyFreeCams where she got a place among the most popular, which means that she has conquer and entertain a significant amount of Users.

According to this their positions in the MFC ranking are:

-5 times in the 1st place

– 2 times in 2nd place: on January 2012 and August of the same year.

– 1 time in 3th place: on August 2016

Although she has managed to reach a place in the Top 10 18 times and she has been in the Top 100 about 25 times.

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Earning more than half million dollars in three months is proof that a camgirl dedication to her career as well as her users produce great profits.

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