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The highest tip in Chaturbate history


The highest tip in Chaturbate history

Chaturbate is one of the most famous webcam streaming sites since its creation in 2011, thousands of models and camgirls around the world are part of it.

On average, a well-positioned model can receive between 100 and 1000 tokens in a work session on this site, but what do you think it would happen if one day a generous tipper visits your room and gives you the best tip of your career?

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This is what happened to the model Fitlariss, a hot camgirl with a body shaped by the gods that was surprised after receiving a great gift from a tipper. A tip of 338,338 tokens, equivalent to 16,917 dollars (approximately 50 million Colombian pesos).

This is the highest tip in Chaturbate’s history, at least until July 2017, because the highest tips reached by the models LovelyAnne with 169,169 Tokens ($ 8,458.45 USD = approx 25 million Colombian pesos) and Chronic Love with a bonus of 252,521 Tokens ($ 12,626 USD = 38,462 million Colombian pesos).

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But not everything is luck, some models have earned well their users with shows that constantly evolve to entertain them. This makes her audience grows gradually, although the model organization in areas such as social networks as well as her interaction with users.

When the fame arrives the odds about receiving in your room a tip as generous as the one of @Flarlariss are higher, so you should not stop believing that this can happen to you!

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