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5 possible reasons that answer the question: Why can´t I win more tokens?



5 possible reasons that answer the question: Why can´t I win more tokens?

There are many reasons why you may not be receiving a lot of tokens or maybe you are but is not enough, this used to happen to starting camgirls. If this is your case in the following article we’ll give you some tips to avoid making mistakes.

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1 Communication

It’s a fact that camgirl career is about 80% communication and 20% nudes or sexual games, so if you don’t have an advanced level of communication it could be a problem, since your users will always want a personalized costumer service and if you don’t have a fluid conversation with them It is very unlikely that the user would be completely satisfied. If you don’t know another language try to use translations tools.

2 Nerves and insecurity

Believe it or not this factor can affect you enough to make you  lose many tokens. It’s normal to be a little scared your first time, but you need to move on. To turn-up your chat room you must be very confident and comfortable with what you do, shyness or insecurity make you be less creative when you are in front of a camera. And even worse, you won’t let your followers have a nice time.

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3 You do not look good in camera

To be camgirl you don’t need to be pretty, but it is important to take care of your body, remember that as a camgirl you are selling your image and therefore you should look very good on camera. It is important to go to the gym, eat healthy, take care of your hair and other details.

4 You do not work enough

The camgirl industry offers a different way to earn large amounts of money but, just like any other job, you must completely dedicate yourselves to it and make an effort. Like other work you must be enough time online and even more if you are a starting camgirl, try not to use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter when you are online and give full attention to your followers.

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5 You do not have the right equipment

Top equipment for your transmissions are essential since it depends on having a good image quality so your followers can enjoy all your shows. You need to have a good camera, a good computer and an excellent internet service; all 3 things work well together, if one of them fails you possibly won’t get the desired results.

6 Low general knowledge

Some models have a very low general knowledge level, which difficult smooth conversions, speaking another language is useless if you don’t have a good conversation topic. Always try to have something to tell and that way you can create links with users and so the next time they return they will want to talk to you and not with another girl they don’t know or who simply bores them because they only know how to get nude on the Web.

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