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Indie european films about webcam modeling

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Indie european films about webcam modeling

Webcam modeling is little by little starting to take different spaces and starting to be a part of the daily world. And its relevance, recognition and impact on the sexual culture of the 21st century has begun.

Telling this story will inevitably refer to the webcam models that are its protagonists, they create day by day a new paradigm introducing the sex to the new technologies, which are appropriated to maintain a good part of the population connected to cyberspace, consuming their products and services, while contributing to the sexual well-being of thousands of users around the world.

They have already been a source of inspiration for digital artists, photographers, documentalists, writers and now independent filmmakers who have been encouraged to tell their stories. this is the case of the recently released movie BB, directed and written by CJ Wallis, produced by Brandon Eames, Mousa Hamdan, Kristian Hanson and Jennifer Mae.


The film tells the story of a girl who decides to be webcam model, Leah played by Jennifer Mae, introducing us in his daily life and the relationship with her girlfriend Alina whose role is represented by Victoria Fox. While Leah with the help of his work sends money to her girlfriend, begins to be harassed by one of her costumer HornyHal starred by Kristian Hanson and whose obsession pushes Leah to the crisis, alcohol and drugs.

A key film that reflects communication between three individuals with different interests and who try to establish an emotional dialogue through the current technological devices.

The first attempts to reproduce a movie on a webcam model with budget difficulties involved does not escape to some objections, however, watching this thriller will allow us to identify elements that are familiar to us and we will be able to judge at firsthand about details that were unfinished.

The webcam modeling world opens and introduces us through different paths in our society. Underwear modeling for example was a taboo subject in at mid-twentieth century, the woman who dared to such an “obscene” act was victim of rejection and social statement without the slightest concern. Today it has moderated and generally accepted with some exceptions.

Some models will identify with some situations in the film, but let’s not forget that this is a European story. Colombian models are protagonists of their own stories, they all have something different to tell and their experiences hope to be documented, shaped beyond their protagonists in front of the webcam. Who will be the first to tell her story?


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