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Kickaz from MyFreeCams – Part 1


Kickaz from MyFreeCams – Part 1

This is an interview with the great webcam model kickaz from MyFreeCams. Taken from the original site KickazCams


  1. How did you choose the name kickaz? Did you go by other names before you settled for kickaz?

I wanted a name that didn’t quite scream SEX  and something that would be easy to remember and short. I had watched the movie Kickass a few weeks ago before I started camming and I though about going with that one… “Kickass” that is, but the name was already taken so I spelled mine with a Z. Then everyone thought I hated Arizona for some reason haha. Maybe I should have gone with “Squirtforyou69xxx”. Yes I have had the username “Kickaz” since my first day of MFC.

2. How many languages (and which) do you speak? Have you ever been to Germany? If yes, which cities? How do you liked it? 🙂 

I speak broken Italian and French and some bad Engrish 😀. Yes I have been to Germany and I enjoyed it very much. I went to Munich and I would love to go back.

3. Models on MFC offer different things.. Would you be in favor of a rating system to classify rooms so people know what to expect?

I feel like there can be a lot of problems with this. Most viewers that come on MFC come for the FREE part. If a girl doesn’t get naked for FREE and doesn’t do hardcore for FREE they will likely get negative ratings. God forbid a girl not getting naked or not doing hardcore at all…. Jizzus, they are just a “scammer” then

4. Money or true love ??

I think this is a bit of a black and white question. it’s important to have enough money to survive and being a highly independent person I would need to be able to support myself first in order to be happy in a relationship. I think the term “true love” sounds a bit cheesy but I like cheese so… However to me it’s more about having people in your life that love you unconditionally and you love them the same way. Those people come first! Money can always be lost, spent and made again with enough hard work and determination.

5. What’s your real name ? How old are you ? What’s your adress ?

Gordon Glenn Kickaz/ 26 years old but can go up to 88 some days/ 123 Imlost Lane, Kickland.

6. If you had the opportunity to change MFC in any way, what changes would you make to improve the website and conditions for models.

  • Make profiles easier to post on them. It’s a pain in the butt having to create a new graphic for just updating a name on the profile
  • Have the option to have contact groups on MFC mail. For example if I want to message all my Diamond members every month I don’t have to spend hours anymore trying to look for them and the new usernames they have chosen. I have almost 4000 contacts on MFC. It’s NOT easy finding you guys!
  • Have a yearly Miss MFC contest. I know some models don’t like this but I am a firm believer it will make models work harder instead of just making top 20/ top 100 one month and then disappearing for the rest of the year. More competition means more revenue for MFC as well. If you are not a competitive model there should be an option to not participate in it. Everyone is happy!
  • Have a stronger social media presence. I think MFC has so much potential to expand given the social nature of the site. Think something in the line of Sucidegirls or Playboy. It would be cool if they had pages dedicated to interview top models and have their viewers engage more.
  • Ohh wait… That’s like asking to find a unicorn that shits rainbows… how about tweeting once in a while when their website goes down… That would be nice.
  • They do help with this but it would be so much better for models if they had a more active legal team of people taking pirated sites down. Personally I don’t view nudity as a negative thing. What bothers me is the titles that go with these recordings so the pirates can get traffic. For example a “Hot Sex Kickaz B/G” video is a clip of me drinking coffee fully clothed and not doing anything remotely sexy. Or the colorful language that goes with it…”camwhore, slut…list goes on…”

7. After +3yrs of camming, do you not feel the need for a real vacation (not worcation). Most ppl need even if they love their work.

I generally have always been a workaholic, even before I started camming. I think the most I would want to take off is one week of doing nothing camming related. More than that will make bored out of my mind. The only problem about vacations where I don’t cam is that they are not fun when you go on your own. Most of my friends have full time jobs and can’t take as much time off during off peak times of the year, so it makes it challenging. When I travel on my own, MFC keeps me company.

8. What 3 things are working or make you happy in your life and you would like to do more of?

  1. MFC
  2. Nature (i love walking in parks, woods, being close to the ocean, lakes)
  3. Travel (I would definitely want to do more of it for sure but I hate the part where you have to fly and wait around)

 9. What is your favorite place you have visited? Where would you like to go most if you had the chance and why?

Favorite places: Mexico, Germany and Costa Rica. I would like to see Panama at some point. I heard it’s cheaper than Costa Rica but still a nice place to visit.

10. Hardcore vs non or semi nude – which do you think is the most successful style for a camgirl in the long term and why?

I personally think there’s a lot more options to make tokens starting as a non hardcore girl. If you do hardcore since the beginning and  charge very less for your videos and shows, it makes it really hard to transition into becoming a tease type of model. It also gives viewers very little incentive to tip you more to tease them because they are used to seeing it all anyway. Models have still done it successfully but it was not easy. One of the biggest factors of success is not so much the hardcore and the nudity for MFC. The top models that are consistent have a strong brand and have created a community of followers that will support them not just because they get nude but because they entertain their audience and their fans want to see them succeed.

11. If you could change “anything” what would be ?

I want to get back into working out more and I need to eat more healthy. No more burgers and fries 🙁

12. What is your favorite fantasy?

Right now I want to devour a big sizzling yummy burger with crispy British chips (big fries) and then have a glass of beer to go with it… Oh Shit, I almost forgot about point 11 😛. Ok I’ll go eat some steamed veggies… 🙁

13. Would love to know your first name. You can answer it in DM so no one else hears your answer.

Will you guide the stalkers to my house too. That would be a nice bonus for them 🙂

14. who is your #1 fav model?

Tony the Highroller

15. Canada is prob safer place to live than lots of countries, have you considered all aspects of new places before deciding to move

Safety is very important to me and I will not move or stay anywhere that I don’t feel safe. Also in my experience some places are safe despite all the media propaganda about them. I think using common sense is important in wherever I go.

16. After your weird, childhood, what is the secret to you being so upscale and free and outgoing. What the secret? I need it.

I just stopped living my life for others and started doing things that make me happy. I have been much more successful and felt much better about my life since I did that.

17. Kinda whats the longest you have went without being laid?

Too fucking long!.. minus the fucking 😀

18. who has been your favourite MFC model to do a joint show with? and who would you like to do a show with in the future?

GinnyPotter. I would like to do a show with her in the future again some day.

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