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Kickaz from MyFreeCams – Part 2


Kickaz from MyFreeCams – Part 2

This is an interview with the great webcam model kickaz from MyFreeCams. Taken from the original site KickazCams

  1. What made you choose to cam? Why this particular site? 

I had just broken up with my live in bf (was in the process of moving out) and wanted to just kill time online and flirt a bit to gain some confidence. Came across MFC and a few other sites. MFC was the only one that replied. I changed my mind about actually trying it and I just left that email sitting in my inbox for about a week. Then one night I came home from the bars and decided to give it a go. I was on for only one hour and it seemed fun so I decided to keep doing it.

  1. How do you deal with the stigma? How do you balance a social life… 

I don’t believe what I do is in any way wrong. If people want to hate me for doing something I love and that can secure me my future so be it! I haven’t had anyone react badly when I have told them I was a camgirl in real life. Even my family knows and they are supportive of it. I don’t have as much of an active social life as I used to mostly because of the night shifts and weekend shifts. I do still make time to go out and see humans that are not just on my computer at least once every couple of days.

  1. You know camming won’t last forever; what are you going to do after?

Yes I agree about camming having a very short shelf life. I want to work as much as I can now and then live off passive income. I may need to find something more active to do since it will be a very boring life retiring in my 30s, however I still have lots of time to think about that. As for financial goals I feel like I am on track and I have a very frugal nature. I have always wanted to do help animals. so probably a big chunk of my savings will go towards opening an animal shelter when I do choose to retire.

  1. What was/continues to be your motivation to get on cam everyday?

A combination of having a highly competitive nature, feeling passionate about what I do (most of the time) and not deviating from my long term goal of retirement on point 22.

  1. How do you separate your cam persona from your true self identity especially when you are recognizable? Is there a disconnect?

When I first started camming and I had to hide it from my friends and family it was very hard. I hated living a double life and I was much happier just camming and I started to avoid people because small talk and having to come up with lies was way too stressful. Then one day I decided to be open with the people that I cared about. It was the best decision ever! after camming obviously. I don’t think I am much different offline than I am online.

  1. Do you ever feel consumed by your job as a cam girl. How do you decompress? 

Despite it seeming easy and just a “I’m having fun kinda job” camming can be very draining mentally and physically. First of all having to entertain hundreds and thousands of people and always be upbeat every day for long hours (8h plus some days) it’s not easy. I have chronic back pain and some days smiling is hard but I remind myself that my room is supposed to be a happy place where people come to decompress and forget about their problems. I make it my mission to not bring my problems into the room so In some ways it can be therapeutic for me as well because it helps me distract and focus myself on positive things as well. If my back is really bad I usually just log off for a bit.

I usually do these things when I feel stressed (in no particular order); 1. go for a drive 2. spend time with my dog. 3. pack my bags and travel somewhere 4. talk to my brother or my close friends. 5. Go to McDonalds drive through and eat fries 😀

  1. Any plans to eventually start a family? How would you balance finding a man, dating, parenthood and, if you do it still, camming?

I don’t want children and I don’t want to get married. I do want to have a stable long term relationship that is build on trust and respect. If that ever happens they have to understand that camming is my main priority and would have to work our schedule around camming.

  1. How did you discover that you had a talent for body painting? When did you first try it?

I had always had an interest for visual arts. I used to draw before but that got a bit boring and then one day I picked up a face painting kit and started experimenting. It was around 10 years ago.

  1. who is your favorite visual artist?

I am very bad at following popular culture. I don’t watch TV, don’t follow movies and probably would not be able to mention to you more than 10 known painters. I do really do have an appreciation for realism however. The details some of the artist can produce are truly amazing, especially on portraits.

  1. I know this is unlikely to happen but I’ll ask anyway. If you come to Australia can we go out for a drink:);)

Sorry, I don’t meet up in person.

  1. How can you prove you exist and aren’t just a figment of my imagination?

I am using computer generated imagery to make myself look like a cute goofy girl. In real life I am a 69 year old dude with a beer belly living in momma’s basement.

  1. How many more years do you see yourself camming? How do you think your shows will evolve? 

I can see myself doing this for at least another 3 years. I can’t answer the question about how much shows will change in the future, because I plan my camming based on how the room reacts on a daily basis. When I see smth stops working I sit down and scratch my head for hours until I can come of with something that will work (also because I have a lot of dandruff, and that shit itches like crazy…)

  1. What could make you stop camming?

If one day I realize I lose the passion to create new things to entertain the crowds I will probably stop. I don’t see if happening for a very long time though.

  1. If you could go on vacation with a famous star ..Who would it Be & Why?

I have never really been the person that would get star struck and frankly I don’t even know what goes on in most celebrities lives. I have heard that some of them can be total assholes so I would want to avoid those types, because a vacation is too precious to be spending it with entitled assholes. Also I would not want anyone that does drugs, because we would have nothing in common. If I had to give a name it would probably be Robin Williams (if he was still alive, RIP)

  1. With or without pulp??


35.what part of your personality helps you the most to become a successful model and consistently rank top 10 on MFC?

I think the ability to not blow up at trolls and stay positive helps…..Closes cam “fuckin… piece of crap…. shit, son of a bish!”

  1. Where or what do you see on line burlesque to be in the future,,5yrs 10 yrs..etc,,and your place in it?..

I think more camgirls will try to incorporate the art of tease in their shows as time goes on. I think most are too impatient to wait to see results however.


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