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Benefits of watching series and movies with your users on Skype

Series y películas


Benefits of watching series and movies with your users on Skype

Creating friendly ties to users is indispensable for two essential reasons: the first one, you will get deep connections that allow them to be constant visitors; and the second one, at the end of the day they represent possible gains for you as a camgirl.

Social networks boost the interaction we need when we are offline, so learning to manage and make them part of your day-to-day is valuable, especially when besides Instagram and Twitter we also add Snapchat or Skype.

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Again and again you’ll wonder Can I do on Skype something other than just a show? When you use this tool in the free room, you have several methods to attract them to your Skype without being explicitly offering a sexual show; you can raffle a night for your tippers, announcing that the winner will get the a Big Tipper recognition on your Skype or maybe even give a devoted user a surprise spending a night full of movies, conversations and games.

Recently millions of viewers have stuck to their televisions to see the world-popular Game of Thrones series, with audience records episodes, so surely many took time to watch it with some company because according to a study published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, watching shows or movies as a couple or with several people helps to improve relationships with them, creating more lasting bonds.

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Also, the published authors, found that tv nights creates closeness and commitment. Sound interesting? This is not just because youll spend time together, but also because it helps to have a few conversation topics with your follower(s) on the chat room, and what better than debating about a series plot, and to know the opinions about each character’s romances and stories. But this does not have to be the specific series that you should watch to have something to talk about, although if you like it and your tipper is a fan, well, you could see together every episode.

Another moment with your fan option could may be to share a book, as the study also points out that reading the same book can help you create greater connection, so if you are already determined to share a special night, either with books or television, take the opportunity to use your creativity, preparing snacks, candies and drinks, using a seductive, but not too hot, dress and makeup, as well as adjusting everything in your room for the meeting. You can stay in bed or use furniture and a small table to set your laptop.

Once all this is ready, you just have to wait on Skype for your friend to spend a relaxed, entertaining night, full of emotions and especial moments to get you two even closer.

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