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Looks to hypnotize your followers



Looks to hypnotize your followers

A penetrating, attractive and seductive look is captivating. Seducing and tempting eyes are one of the most attractive features of a webcam model.

While having a nice smile is a feature that satisfies fans, making that eye contact when you look at the camera makes fans feel a connection, and can be easier when you frame that look with an attractive makeup.

Nothing like mythical smoky eyes to create that mystery and seduction look when you’re on camera. Learning to perform this technique in easy steps can be a great plus to your look. Follow these tips to create it:

The main feature of this makeup is to provide depth through the gray to the look, silver and brown shades from the colors range closest to black and gray giving a sparkle to your eyes.

  • You will need:

Black, brown, silver shadows

Black eyeliner

Black Mascara

Shadow brushes or applicators

False eyelashes (optional).

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Step 1: Apply pale pink shadows to give light under the eyebrow arch and in the lacrimal.

Step 2: Apply black eyeliner to the upper and lower water line.

Step 3: Framing the contour, applying medium brown tone on the fixed eyelid, and the eye lower part, blurring the tone with a diffusing brush.

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Step 4: Apply a darker black or brown shade than the previously used by the outside of the eye. Extend it by drawing an arc over the fold and along the base line of lower lashes. Again, blur the shadows applied.

Step 5: For a more professional and intense finish apply black shadow on the upper edge of the moving and lower eyelid and diffuse them so that the black tones are based on the browns and there is no delimitation between them.

Step 6: Apply eyeliner to the upper eyelid.

Step 7: Curl your lashes and apply mascara

Step 8: If you want a more dramatic touch apply false eyelashes that serve to give greater expression and a more open look.

Finally you can also add glitter makeup for days when you feel more festive or want to captivate your followers with your look. Golden ones are the most used; however there is a wide range of them.

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