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What are the best times to broadcast?



What are the best times to broadcast?

It’s common for a camgirl to establish a connection schedule depending on whether she does it at home or at a studio. However, the “perfect schedule” often turns out to be a myth.

Some argue that there’s a specific schedule to attract more online users and therefore “more tokens”, so they use to establish their work routine around these hours, but this can’t be further from reality, because you could say its pretty much the same 24 hours a day.

To illustrate this, we can take two countries distant from each other but with great number of camgirls, like Colombia and Romania. Romanian camgirls think it’s good to work at night because there are “more visitors” who go home after work and stay in front of the computer for a long time at night, while Colombians think the same, but let’s analyze: we are in Crossed schedules; When its day here it is night there and vice versa.

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In both cases camgirls will have a normal working day, so the broadcasting schedule doesn’t represent higher or lower rate at the time. Users live all around the world and there is no doubt that they visit the camgirls sites either in the morning or at night and this visit will only be determined by the fans’ own time.

Therefore, camgirls must establish most comfortable working schedules for them, generally the studios have 8 hours shifts, predetermined at morning, afternoon or night. The camgirl select the one that they find more appropriate, keeping in mind criteria such as activities planning, fitness routine, esthetics or any other aside from modeling.  Because home working camgirls has more flexibility to connect, they ideally do it at least 6 hours a day, every day (one break day per week is recommended).


One determining grow factor for a camgirls is  broadcasting in regular schedules. Fans usually arrive at the same time looking for camgirls, so missing regular show-schedule for weeks could drastically affect the camgirls followers number, because if they don’t find them immediately they look for another model and won’t come back to your room.

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Establishing a specific broadcasting schedule could mean making more friends and profits in the chat.

Social networks

For social networks the notifications, photos and any other interactions that a camgirl do with her fans, it’s essential to keep in mind the time zone where the fans come from, so if the audience are from Europe and the camgirl is on Colombia the right thing would be to post on Twitter or Instagram at morning and afternoon, and avoid posting at night, because that content could not be seen by users in that continent.

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